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PostPosted: November 11th, 2009, 10:04 pm
by Ruben
Hi people!,

Well, I have a nice trade to offer.

I've been looking for Jerry Harrison's "The Red and the Black" and "Casual Gods" for a while now. Used copies of the second one are being sold in Amazon. I managed to buy new stuff from Amazon, but unfortunately I can't buy from resellers - they won't send used copies to Uruguay. Only US buyers can get them.

That's why I am offering a very interesting trade. If anyone from the US is willing to buy me any of these used copies (they are very cheap) and send it to me here, I will send lots of interesting DB/TH stuff in return. I have a lot of things to offer, I'd say a 90% of all the DB/TH bootleg stuff (both video & audio) out there. ... ition=used

Please help! My email is

If anyone knows where to find a copy of The Red and the Black, that would be awesome too.

Thanks!!! :biere: