Segerstrom Center - October 12th

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Segerstrom Center - October 12th

Postby Rick on October 14th, 2012, 12:45 am

Last night the largely 40 or 50-something crowd in ultra-conservative Orange County California were treated to a loud and energetic performance. Playing the same list of songs posted previously, I'd say most of the audience were unfamiliar with the majority of the program, which is a good thing because they seemed to be pretty receptive and appreciative of what they heard, though without quite as much enthusiasm as the players. That is, at least until they played the hits.

While I like the new record, I found some of the songs even more interesting played live - though the arrangements were virtually unchanged from the studio versions. The addition of brass to the old songs gave them a fresh quality, which I have to say was badly needed on the three songs anyone could have predicted would be in the program - "Road To Nowhere", "Burning Down The House", and "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)", the last two having already been performed live with horns on previous tours. I can think of many other songs that might have benefited more from the sound of this band, but considering the audience reaction to these, I can see why DB chose to stick with them. I especially liked this version of "Strange Overtones", my favorite track on "Everything That Happens...".

The band was tight and fun to watch as they literally marched around the stage which was big and empty to accomodate this, and I was impressed with Annie Clark's guitar work, though I was not particularly fond of her songs. She clearly lacks the compositional chops of her idol and mentor, who let her handle most of the guitar playing and seemed content to be less of the headliner and more of a vehicle for Annie and the other players to get a larger audience. He was often in the background singing backup and dancing with the horn section. During the band introductions, DB gave them each a plug for their various projects and CD's (available for sale at the merch table), which I think speaks well of David's generosity and position as a statesman in the music industry. He really does know how music works.

I couldn't have picked a better venue than the Segerstom. This is a big, modern concert hall built for orchestral performances, with excellent acoustics and sight lines, with a clean design of mostly white and silver. As we entered the auditorium, we were treated not with the usual recorded music, but sound effects of birds and a rainstorm. Sadly there were many seats that remained empty during the show. I estimate the house to be about 70% full. Those who did come were glad they did, I'm sure.
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