Parco Redecesio, Milan, Italy 20 July 1982

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Parco Redecesio, Milan, Italy 20 July 1982

Postby Stranger on May 4th, 2012, 11:21 pm

There are two versions of this - or three if you like.

The Chicken Shack LP version, and the master tape (albeit a different source recording) which was re-seeded on Dime.

Both have something - well, a lot actually - to recommend...the 'feel' of the former, and the latter the slightly higher quality.

The tape version was good but *very* shrill - gave me a headache trying to listen to it!

I've just added a more balanced version to Zomb, here -

Talking Heads
Parco Redecesio, Milan, Italy
20 July 1982

Master tape download > Audacity (low pass and high pass filter, + Bass Boost) > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

01 Psycho Killer
02 Cities
03 Once In A Lifetime
04 Mind
05 My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
06 Big Business - I Zimbra
07 Swamp
08 Take Your Time
09 Houses In Motion
10 What A Day That Was
11 Life During Wartime
12 Take Me To The River

"Here come the free ones - they're letting them in free now, finally.

With the cops in close pursuit". (DB)

"Ok - it ain't nothin' but a house party!" (CF).

This recording is very good quality indeed and stereo. Arcorman re-seeded this on Dime recently, but it's so shrill, I thought it could do with a little work.

On the one hand, the recording here is *slightly* technically better than the LP ("Chicken Shack") recording, which is from a different source. On the other hand, the bass is slightly distorted, and there is more audience sound - both clapping in close proximity, and mass cheering and whistling in the background.

The bass was raised and the treble considerably reduced as the master recording I worked on here (found on Dime) recently ... shrill didn't begin to cover it, it was painful to the ears. As pointed out and discussed elsewhere though - the more sharing of masters / unheard / even pre FMs etc, the better.

Got to admit, despite my comments weighting towards the LP / different recording of this elsewhere, this sounds damn fine to me now...on listening to Take Your Time for a moment I found myself thinking it sound like a mixing desk recording to my ears!


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Re: Parco Redecesio, Milan, Italy 20 July 1982

Postby Stranger on May 5th, 2012, 10:16 pm

It's a shame so few people in the world find this one appealing.

I am aware I torrented an LP version, and this is a 'mix' of the mastertape that was put on Dime.

BUT...where the LP version had great 'feel' this is technically wonderful, and the version on Dime was so shrill as to give you headache within two minutes. The guy who recorded it clearly has good equipment and on another otherwise fine quality recording (from what I've heard so far), he makes some excuse about the venue acoustics for the extreme lack of bass. Ahem, pardon my french, but that's bullshit.

Worse, the Dime version had a 'burger' or 'toothpaste' waveform, for some bizarre reason.

But despite all that, underneath all that it's still a brilliant recording, and arguably far less flat than the MX / FM recordings of that year (ie Werchter and Montreux which like some recordings of that ilk are good technically but lack vibrancy - not just in the way it's recorded / mixed but in the performance too, sadly).

Take a trial step and see if you enjoy this one. You'll be one of a small handful of people in the world right now (and yes, it's a Saturday night, but some of us are skint) - and I don't think you'll regret it.
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