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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
Jerry Harrison Timeline PDF Print E-mail

Chronologic biography as published on

Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin
High school bands.
Joined Modern Lovers
Graduated from Harvard, Magna plus cum laude: summa cum laude within one's major. Recorded record that became "The Modern Lovers."
Modern Lovers record further tracks which are found on various retrospective albums.
Modern Lovers break up. Taught design at Harvard. Began working for Cambridge Computer Associates.
"The Modern Lovers" released by Berserkeley Records. Recorded "Night Lights" with Elliot Murphy. Toured the US and Canada with Elliot Murphy's band. 
Began Graduate School of Design architecture school at Harvard.
Joined Talking Heads. Recorded "Talking Heads '77." Toured England and Europe with the Ramones, toured the US.
Recorded "More Songs About Buildings and Food." Toured the world with Talking Heads.
Recorded "Fear of Music." Designed album cover for "Fear of Music," which was a GRAMMY nomination for best album cover design. More touring.
Recorded "Remain In Light." More touring. Recorded "The Escalators, a funk/punk band with Busta Jones and Dolette MacDonald. Put together the expanded Talking Heads band with Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrell, Busta, Dolette, and Steve Scales. More touring.
Recorded solo record: "The Red and the Black." Helped David Byrne with "The Catherine Wheel. Helped with the mix of "The Name of this Band is Talking Heads."Touring.
Recorded "Speaking In Tongues." Helped coordinate the manufacture of the Robert Rauschenberg cover for "Speaking in Tongues." The cover won the GRAMMY for best album cover. Touring. for "Speaking in Tongues." Busta Jones, Adrian Beleu, and Dolette MacDonald left. Alex Weir, Lynn Mabry and Edna Holt join band.
"Stop Making Sense Tour." Record "Stop Making Sense" album. Film "Stop Making Sense" film. Began writing and recording "Casual Gods." Wrote, performed, and produced: Bonzo Goes To Washington's: "5 Minutes" with Bootsey Collings.
Editing of "Stop Making Sense" film, mixing of "Stop Making Sense" album. Began helping set up for film: "True Stories."
Recorded "Little Creatures." Produced: Elliot Murphy: "Milwaukee," the Violent Femmes: "The Blind Leading the Naked," and It's Immaterial: "Drivin' Away From Home.
Recorded "True Stories." Filmed videos for scenes in "True Stories." The video for "Wild, Wild Life" wins MTV award for best video. Continued recording and mixing of my second solo record:"Casual Gods." Produced Fine Young Cannibals: "Ever Fallen In Love" for the film "Something Wild." "Man With a Gun" and "Cherokee Chief" from "Casual Gods" are also in "Something Wild."
Recorded "Naked." Produced the Bodeans: "In Side Looking Out." Finished "Casual Gods."
Released "Naked" and "Casual Gods," directed video for the song "Rev It Up," and toured with the Casual Gods Band.
Wrote songs and recorded "Walk On Water," my third solo record.
Released "Walk on Water," toured in support.
Produced: Live's: "Mental Jewelry" (platinum), one third of Poi Dog Pondering's: "Vole, Vole," Pure's: "Purefenalia". Joined: advisory board of MicroUnity Engineering.
Produced: Psychofunkubus': "Skin." and Billy Goat: "Bush Roaming Mammals"
Produced: Crash Test Dummies': "God Shuffled His Feet" (world wide sales: 6 million), Live's: "Throwing Copper" (world wide sales: 9 million.)
Produced: Fatima Mansions: "Lost In the Former West," Black 47: "Home Of The Brave", and General Public
Recorded: "No Talking Just Head" with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads. The album featured various vocal performances from among others Andy Partridge (ETC), Michael Hutchence (INXS), Debbie Harry (Blondie), Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Jeanette Napoitano (Concrete Blonde), Gavin Friday, Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes). Produced the Verve Pipe's: "Villains"(platinum), Bog Men's: "Life Begins at 40 Million", and Please: "Here It Comes It Again." Joined advisory board of Liquid Audio.
Produced: Big Head Todd and the Monsters: "Beautiful World", Rusted Root's: "Remember", Outsiders': "Nerurotic Outsiders". Released "No Talking Just Head" and toured in support of the album. Joined MicroUnity board of directors.
Produced: Mayfield 4's: "Fallout", Noella Hutton's: "Noella Hutton" and the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band's: "The Trouble Is." (Platinum) "Blue on Black" the lead single from the album was number one on rock radio for seventeen weeks which is the record for most consecutive weeks.
Produced most of Stroke 9's: "Nasty Little Thoughts," Foo Fighters: "Walking After You," Mark Lizotte's yet unnamed album, Bijou Phillip's: "I'd rather Eat Glass, " and began producing Live's: "The Distance to Us."
Finished producing Live's: "The Distance to Us" and Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band's: "Live On." Produced No Doubt's: "New." Co-founded


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