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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1981 - The Red and the Black PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 July 2008 14:44

'The Red And the Black' was Jerry Harrison's first solo-album and was recorded at Blank Tapes Studios in New York City in June 1981.
The album sounded a great deal like Remain In Light by Talking Heads. It was thick funk music, with Harrison's very white, ironic vocals espousing pep-talk values. Unfortunately, the Heads album preceded it into the marketplace, and the public associated the sound with David Byrne.
Harrison was criticized for immitating Talking Heads' sound, a sound that his partisans -including Nona Hendrix, Bernie Worrell and Busta Jones- maintain he was enormously influential in creating.
The album was released on CD in the late '80s in the Germany and in 1991 in Japan. Both CD editions are long out of print, and copies are very hard to find.
  • Things Fall Apart
  • Slink
  • The New Adventure
  • Magic Hymne
  • Fast karma/No Questions
  • Worlds In Collizions
  • The Red Nights
  • No More Reruns
  • No Warning, No Alarm


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