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FOUND! - 1983 Unopened TALKING HEADS 6 pin set

Postby slongman on October 1st, 2008, 5:42 pm

I just moved into a new place and as I was cleaning out an old box that was left behind by someone I found a really cool un-opened vintage Talking Heads pin set. I have no real idea of the value and I can't find anything like it anywhere on the internet. The pin set was a promotional item apparently because on the edge of each pin the following text is printed in tiny black lettering:
There are 6 pins in the set, each pin has a different set of lettering on it and all six together spell out TALKING HEADS. The Pins go like this:
Pin 1 = TA
Pin 2 = LKI
Pin 3 = N
Pin 4 = GHE
Pin 5 = ADS
Pin6 = (blank- just blue)

Each pin is 1" in diameter. The face of each pins is blue and the lettering is in black, the rim (edge) of the pin is gold with little black dots. They are in nearly pristine condition as they have never been opened.
I am wanting to sell these to a true fan and so that is why I looked up this web-site.
If you are interested in seeing a photo just e-mail me and I will send it to you.
Phoenix, AZ
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