Spam and spambots

Spam and spambots

Postby francey on June 4th, 2009, 7:23 am

Like every message board on the internet, we have to deal with spammers and spambots once in a while. There has been some spam flooding the last few days and I'm trying out different tactics to keep the bots out. Spambots are bascially scripts that register themselves on message boards and leave a lot of spam messages.

For now, new members' first posts will be manually approved before they appear on the message board. Once your first post has been approved, you can post without further delays. Please don't let this keep you from posting or creating new topics - it's just an extra check to make sure you're not a spambot and all genuine messages will be approved, regardless of the content.

Spam messages are removed as soon as I see them, and I use the " last topics since last login" option for that. Therefore, please DO NOT reply to any spam messages on the board. Not only will it be harder to identity them as such, it also means I have to remove your reply too. Although I understand the frustration, please know you won't hurt the spambots feelings by calling it names as it's not a person but a couple of lines of code.

Thanks - Frank>
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