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Just Watched True Stories

Postby Buck's Student on January 30th, 2014, 10:03 pm

...for probably the sixth time. What an underrated film.

I actually noticed some things I had not before.

- The Cute Woman is in the club during the "Wild, Wild Life" sequence. When John Goodman yells, it's right in her ear, and she looks very annoyed. Sort of foreshadows their awkward encounter later.

- The record that Pop Staples plays is tye-dye. David must have had a faux disk made just for that one part, because I've never seen tye-dye vinyl. There is also a cut between his initial voodoo scene and his song. I remembered it all being one take/scene.

- The Computer Guy mentions Steve Jobs when he's showing David the lab. I made a bad joke to my girlfriend when I heard that. :lol:

- David looks like he's about to crack up when he mentions that the car isn't a rental; it's privately owned. He also shows a little too much enthusiasm for his character when he almost yells about how great the radio reception is.

- The DVD is remastered from the original film, or so I assume, but the television scenes, like John Goodman's commercial, has VHS quality picture. Ironically, the actual Talking Heads video for "Love for Sale" is DVD quality when it's on the TV.

When we finished the movie, my girlfriend looked at me and asked what the purpose of it all was. I didn't have an answer. Obviously, since I've watched it several times, I love the movie. I always figured it was a unique way to promote the Talking Heads music and David Byrne's unique perspective and sense of humor, which some fans may have missed in earlier albums with lyrics about inanimate objects. It was also an outlet for Byrne since he seemed discontent with just being a member of the band.

I love how the movie has an ambient atmosphere to it. There were shots of the country side and the Texas town that even good directors may not think to add into a film. The whole scenario the couple in the field and the joke about the fart, which has nothing to do with the rest of the film, but does kind of fit in with the confusion that Byrne was trying to expose. The whole film reeks as a prelude to later works like "Nothing But Flowers." There's this question of how much civilization do we need, and whether or not it's good or bad. When Byrne points out the freeway as the "cathedrals of our time," he immediately retracts the statement (even though he came up with it). He's careful to point out how happy people are in their rural surroundings, yet many of the townspeople work for the corporation that's taking over their land.

Of course, I am not sure about the little girl at the beginning and the end of the film, but I take it as a nod to "Road to Nowhere." The girl doesn't really know why she's walking on the road, because she has no purpose on the road. She could be walking home from somewhere, or going someplace else, but I get the sense that she's just wandering around aimlessly as children often do.

I do wonder what happens to the Lying Woman when the film ends. I can kind of see where everyone else is headed in their lives.
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Re: Just Watched True Stories

Postby living_space on April 26th, 2014, 12:43 am

I really enjoy this film. It has never been available in widescreen or Blu-Ray. I fantasize that the Criterion company will put out a director endorsed version with updated commentary by David. Maybe for the 30th anniversary?
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Re: Just Watched True Stories

Postby thedjmic on July 11th, 2015, 7:07 am

Such a brilliant film. Dear to my heart.
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Re: Just Watched True Stories

Postby living_space on August 16th, 2018, 1:53 am

Just got an email from Criterion. True Stories to be released on November 20th on Blu-ray! It's going to come with a CD of the complete soundtrack (23 songs) and lots of bonus content! New documentary with David.
Great news!

https://pitchfork.com/news/david-byrnes ... n-release/
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