Tom Tom Club band line-up for upcoming tour?

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Tom Tom Club band line-up for upcoming tour?

Postby oaktb on July 21st, 2010, 10:04 pm

Looking forward to seeing the TTC in SF this fall.

Does anyone know the band lineup for this tour and/or date?

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Re: Tom Tom Club band line-up for upcoming tour?

Postby cyberyukon on July 26th, 2010, 2:14 am

I believe it will be...

1). Victoria Clamp (vocals and stuffs)

2). Mystic Bowie (vocals and stuffs)

3). Bruce Martin (keyboards)

4). Kid Ginseng (scratchin' and spinning the turntables)

5). James "Fuzz" Sangiovanni (guitars and stuffs)

6). Chris!! (the cool guy keeping the beats)

7). Tina !!! (the cool chick thumpin' the bass)

From what I gather, Fuzz's band "Caravan of Thieves" will be touring with Tom Tom Club for many of the East Coast Dates. Which makes sense because, if memory serves me right, a few of the Club also help out with CoT from time to time.

Lol--The Fuzzmeister is taking lessons from Chris and Tina on formulas that work. Fuzz and his wife Carrie are the driving force behind CoT. They're kind of a zany group--they'll make for an entertaining opener!

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