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2010 Tour

PostPosted: September 20th, 2010, 7:13 pm
by Steve O.
A few weeks ago I was reminiscing about 1982 and a Talking Heads concert I went to with a couple of friends. The concert was on 8/20/82 at the Paramount Theater on Bay Street in Staten Island. Burning Spear opened for the Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club also played a couple of numbers. I remember being blown away by - I think it was ‘Genius of Love’, I looked over at my friends – We were like “What the heck is this…”.
Anyway, I was thinking of the Tom Tom Club and found the site and see that you guy’s are still together. What a great accomplishment to be able to pull that off in the world we live in.
Then to see you’re going on tour. I wish I could get to one of the shows in Fairfield (I imagine you’ll be working out any kinks at those two shows), but being a family man with responsibilities (4 kids), and one heck of a busy schedule I can’t pull it off.

All the best to the Tom Tom Club, and have a great tour. Maybe I’ll be able to see one of the shows in New York or Boston.