Compass Point Story

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Compass Point Story

Postby labrador on December 13th, 2008, 3:44 am

I have not heard nor watched anything about this other than seeing a few websites
mentioning the Compass Point Story.


I'm familiar with how the Funk Brothers were the studio musicians behind every Motown hit we know.

I'm familiar with how the Wrecking Crew were the studio musicians behind a ton of stuff many people attribute to the "recording artist": Beach Boys, Momas and Papas, The Pink Panther Theme, These Boots are Made for Walking, Simon and Garfunkel, everything involving Phil Spectra's "Wall of Sound" (e.g. The Crystals), most 60's and 70's TV show themes, The Monkees, and the Partridge Family (the latter of which most of us were not fooled, but the others less so).

So my question is, were the studio musicians at Compass Point the core creative force behind songs like Genius of Love? Was Speaking in Tongues also massively influenced by live on the floor contributions of the studio musicians or overdubbing engineers at Compass Point?
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