Help. I need somebody. Help.

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Help. I need somebody. Help.

Postby Ruben on March 28th, 2013, 3:04 pm

Hello folks!

Long time no speak.

Well, here's the deal. I've been collecting music CDs since I was 11 and I decided to complete my collection, I'm not buying music in physical formats anymore. I moved to iTunes now for several reasons which can be discussed until the end of time. But there's just one little item that's been avoiding me for many many years now. Jerry Harrison's The Red and the Black on CD. Yes, exactly. It's impossible to find. And I need your help. It's the LAST item I need to finish my collection for good. I have the other two, I bought a used copy of Casual Gods on Amazon a while ago in excellent condition, and Irene sent me the amazing Walk on Water several years ago... but The Red and the Black... it's just driving me nuts.

I know my questions here are kind of obvious/silly but...

Does anyone have an extra copy? are you willing to trade it, or even sell it? or do you know where I could it buy it? I want the physical compact disc. I already have it on iTunes, and I'm not interested in a LP (maybe someday when I start collecting again). I would appreciate ANY kind of help, any kind of information on this. It's the last CD I need!

Thank you very much.
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