Little Creatures.

What songs, albums, videos, outfits etc do you like best? and why?

Little Creatures.

Postby HylandJosh on February 4th, 2012, 11:06 am

Although my Mum had '77 and Fear of Music, this album eclipsed all others in the 100+ collection of vinyl albums. I was about five when I first started looking through them and choosing what was to be played (or scratched horribly).

The first reason I loved the album was the sleeve, two huge pictures that took me to two very dIfferent lands. The front was too much of a cartoon and too much of a human world, where a man in a nappy carried a planet, and people were buildings. One of the clouds seemed upset, too. The reverse showed serious people in unidentifiable outfits, who I never associated with the music on the album.

The music was best of all. 'And She Was' made sense to me, but I never understood why 'she' had no name. The non-lyrical sounds entertained me throughout the album, the singer seemed to like making noises. Having no idea of the band, each song's voice was a different person. None of the people seemed sinister, like they did on '77 (on which I thought the lyric 'next week' to be 'roast beef' and would request the album as such).

'Road to Nowhere' began with so many unexplained voices that it made me feel incredibly sad. I saw it as the end of the album, where all the voices left and went home. I thought of 'Road to Nowhere' as a lonely song, and had no idea what 'Milley's toy' was ('it's alright').

Other songs made me think of places. 'Stay Up Late' was a staircase and the voice was unsafe, I never knew why.

I still play the album, but now it is a CD recorded and performed by people with names and families, sadly I have lost touch with the free logic of my five-year-old mind.
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Re: Little Creatures.

Postby Buck's Student on March 11th, 2012, 9:17 pm

I have a used vinyl copy, but it's really scratchy. All my TH vinyls, save for MSAFAB, are fairly scratchy sounding, sadly.
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