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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
Don't Worry About the Coverband (tribute) PDF Print E-mail

don't worry about the coverband

Back in 2000, members of the on-line Talking Heads community (Milo's mailing list and put together a tribute CD with covers of Talking Heads songs as a tribute to the band. The CD was mainly distributed through the internet and was the result of a unique co-operation of sixteen bands and solo musicians who found eachother though the website and mailing list.
The album, "Don't Worry About the Coverband", contains a number of widely diverging musical styles.
Before the release of the CD, two cassette audio tapes stuffed with cover versions were  released. When this initiaite was greeted with positive responses, including some from former Talking Heads members, a number of songs from the tapes were re-recorded and mixed professionally, and new cover songs were included for the CD release.
Recordings of sixteen bands from seven countries can be found on the album, including Australia, the US and Peru. A few of the featured musicians have released their own music before, for others contributing to "Don't Worry About the Coverband" is their CD debut.
The title of the album, which is a pun on the title of an old Talking Heads song, is also a reassurance for those who don’t believe in cover versions at all.
Left over copies are available from this website for EUR 9,90 only, including shipping to anywhere on this planet.

Buy "Don't Worry About the Coverband" on CD!

Since the Cd is almost sold out, "Don't Worry About the Coverband" is now available as digital download through Amazon's MP3 store:



The idea for Talking Heads tribute project originated in 1996 while cooperating on a similar project for the Dutch band Nits. Fans of the band, who were all subscribed to the Nits mailing List, contributed their versions of Nits songs for a 60 minute tape that was released on a small scale in December 1996.

Covertape 1

While working on the Nits project, the plan for a Talking Heads Covertape was launched on both the Talking Heads mailing list and francey's website. The goal was to collect 60 minutes of covers, but by the time the covertape came out (July 1, 1997), over 30 coversongs had been submitted, with a running time of over 110 minutes. A selection of 90 minutes was made and put out on covertape 1: "The Name of None of these Bands is Talking Heads".

The leftovers of covertape 1 were, completed with new covers by new contributors, put on covertape 2 ("Letting the Tapes go By"). This second Talking Heads covertape was ready 11 months after the first one came out.

Both tapes have been sold at costprice on the website and were sent to the contributors for their own collection and discographies. Copies of both tapes have also been given to the former members of Talking Heads.

Nothing was done to sell a lot of tapes, as dubbing the tapes and printing the artwork for both cassettes cost a lot of time. Meanwhile, both tapes are "out of print", as there are no J-cards (tape inlays) left of either of them. Consider them collectors items -copies of both tapes are circulating among Talking Heads fans right now.

Covertape 2

We could have gone on forever putting out tapes filled with coversongs from enthousiastic contributors from all around the world, but after the two tapes, it was time to put out a `best of` on CD. After all, cassettes became a little bit old-fashioned aroundthat time, and CDs are just easier to handle and sound better.

As usual, the plan changed a few times (going from CDrecordables to real, officially released and pressed CDs, to name a major change), but now, more than two years after the release of covertape 1, the first (and probably last) Talking Heads Tribute CD is ready to be shipped !


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