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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1978 - More Songs about Building and Food PDF Print E-mail
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The Talking Heads recorded their second album in March 1978 at the Compass Point Studio's at the Bahamas. For a band with their roots and soul firmly in Manhattan, such a location might have been disorientating; but the addition of Brian Eno - ex-Roxy Music keyboardsman and pioneer of discreet music - as co-producer sharpened the band's sound rather than diluting it.

'More Songs About Buildings And Food' - the title satirised the group's offbeat subject matter on their debut album - made one commercial concession, including a cover version of Al Green's 'Take Me To The River'. This proved to be a perfect vehicle for the group's faintly R&B-flavoured sound, and it provided them with a U.S. hit single, reaching No. 26. In Europe, the single was less successfull, despite being issued originally as a double-pack release (with 'Love Goes To Building On Fire'/'Psycho Killer'), packaged in a gatefold sleeve that included a Peter Frame family tree tracing the group's history. The U.S. Single, meanwhile, featured a slightly edited version of 'River'.

The album hardened the sound of the debut LP, with Jerry Harrison's guitar making its presence felt. David Byrne's songs were equally uncompromising, however, and althrough Brian Eno's production gave the group a richer feel than before, they were still far removed from the kind of music that most 'new wave'-artists were unveiling.


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