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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1979 - Live on Tour PDF Print E-mail
Throughout the latter half of 1978 and the early months of 1979, Talking Heads continued to criss-cross their way across Europe and the U.S.A., surprising many audiences with the power of their live shows.

Recognizing that on stage the band tapped into an energy source that their records left unminded, Warner Brothers (Sire's parent company) taped a Talking Heads show at the Agora in Cleveland on March 15th 1979. Entitled 'Talking Heads Live On Tour' (Warner Brothers Music Show WBMS 104), the album caught the group on the verge of the sessions for their third album Fear Of Music, and one song, 'Electricity', later appeared on that album as 'Drugs'.

The rest of the live album consisted of songs from the first two studio LP's, charged with an emoional current that belied the often placid sound of the group's records. No more than 600 copies of 'Live On Tour' were pressed up, but - like most of the promos in the Warner Brothers Music Show series - the album was quickly counterfeited (see the bootleg survey).


- The Big Country
- Warning Sign
- Artists Only
- The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
- The Good Thing
- Electricity
- New Feeling
- Found A Job
- Psycho Killer
- Take Me To The River

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