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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1984 - Stop Making Sense PDF Print E-mail
Stop Making Sense
Like The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads, the soundtrack to their concert film Stop Making Sense captures the group at the peak of their live powers.

Smash Hits magazine wrote: "This sounds as if it'd be fairly boring - just a simple film of Talking Heads playing a concert for an hour and a half. In fact it's completely brilliant. It starts with David Byrne singing the first song alone while running round the stage like a demented chicken. And then, one by one, all the other musicians come on stage until, by the end of the concert, there's nine of them all going a bit barmy. Meanwhile David Byrne does loads of very strange things like playing with a lampstand and cavorting about in a ridiculously huge suit while playing all their best songs. One of the best pop video's ever."

The album was originally entitled 'Electric Guitar' and included 'Naive Melody' and 'Crosseyed & Painless' in stead of 'Slippery People' and 'Burning Down The House'.

Limited edition LP and cassette comes with deluxe four-colour, 20-page book containing text by David Byrne, production storyboards, and album and film credits. The cassette was enclosed with the book in a poly bag for display in LP bins.

"Stop Making Sense" was remastered and re-released in 1999 with 7 extra tracks from the movie. The original CD is now out of print.

The film "Stop Making Sense" has been unavailable on VHS for many years, but with the release of the special edition in 1999, the film has been made available again, now on VHS and DVD.


  • Psycho Killer
  • Swamp *
  • Slippery People **
  • Burning Down the House
  • Girlfriend Is Better
  • Once in a Lifetime *
  • What a Day That Was *
  • Life During Wartime *
  • Take Me to the River
* = Extended versions on cassette and CD-editions 
** = Extended and remixed version on cassette and CD-editions

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