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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1985 - Little Creatures PDF Print E-mail
Little Creatures
A few months after David Byrne released his Knee Plays album, Talking Heads released Little Creatures, the band's first studio album in two years.

Musically, the record marked a return to the bare, stripped-down quartet sound of the early Heads -'very conventional songs, except probably the words are a little unusual', as Byrne put it. Some of the LP's songs refer directly to early Heads tunes (compare the opening riff of 'Perfect World' to that of 'The Good Thing', for instance). The title song, pushed along a sinuous steel guitar, underscores the LP's folk-country flacor.

And Byrne's lyrics, while sometimes weird, are generally more serene and compassionate than those on any previous album. 'Creatures Of Love' is a paean to procreative sex; 'And She Was' a happy dreamscape, and 'Road To Nowhere' an existential celebration spiced with some Cajun-sounding instrumental textures. Little Creatures is Talking Heads' sweetest and least pretentious record.

  • And She Was
  • Give Me Back My Name
  • Creatures Of Love
  • The Lady Don't Mind
  • Perfect World
  • Stay Up Late
  • Walk It Down
  • Television Man
  • Road To Nowhere
Some early issues of the CD came with an Extended Remix of "The Lady Don't Mind" as bonus track.

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