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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1988 - Naked PDF Print E-mail

After their involvement with regional American music and the pop songs form on their previous two albums, Talking Heads decided to try something different. In response to America's increased isolationism, the group thought it might be inspirational to work in another country with an international group of musicians.
The band and producer Steve Lillywhite were joined by a number of other musicains in Paris. In many cases guitar player Yves N'Djock and keybordist Wally Baradou, and usually at least one percussionist, accompanied the band. The seven or sometimes eight musicians would rehearse and play in the studio all day. By the end of the day one track was usually selected as being the ideal version of that particular tune, although as yet there were no vocal melodies or lyrics.
It had been decided that in order to allow the maximum amount of freedom for the musicians, any self-imposed structure from melodies or lyrics would be left until later. Back in New York, David Byrne completed improvising the melodies and began searching for the words to go with them. Musically, the band had gone for a less aggressive sound, most evident in Chris Frantz's use of brushes on many of the tunes.

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  • Blind
  • Mr. Jones
  • Totally Nude
  • Ruby Dear
  • (Nothing But) Flowers
  • The Democratic Circus
  • The Facts Of Life
  • Mommy, Daddy You And I
  • Big Daddy
  • Bill *
  • Cool Water
* "Bill" is not available on the vinyl version of the album.
"Naked" was released on red vinyl in a gatefold sleeve in Australia.



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