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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1999 - 12 x 12 / Remixed PDF Print E-mail
"12 x 12" is one of the first three titles in a new compilation series put out by EMI records. Other albums in this series feature artists like Talk Talk and Thomas Dolby.

EMI released four Talking Heads albums in Europe ("Stop making Sense", "Little Creatures", "True Stories" and "Naked") and all remixes and alternative versions here collected are from the last three albums, leaving out remixes and alternative versions of earlier songs.

The album is also known as "12 Plus 12". EMI released the same album as "Talking Heads Remixed" in the UK only in 2001. The tracklisting is identical to "12 x 12", the cover is even worse.

  • The Lady Don't Mind (Extended Version) (6:50)
  • Television Man (Extended mix) (7:50)
  • And She Was (Extended Mix) (4:53)
  • Wild Wild Life (Long E.T. Mix) (5:30)
  • Love For Sale (Extended Mix) (6:08)
  • Hey Now (Milwaukee Mix) (7:14)
  • Radio Head (Extended mix) (4:29)
  • Blind (Extended Mix) (7:40)
  • Nothing But Flowers (Lillywhite mix) (7:34)
  • Ruby Dear (Bush Mix) (3:23)
  • Blind (Deaf Dub & Blind Mix) (6:35)
  • Love for Sale (Love Dub) (3:11)
De-ja-vu info:

Track 01 is the same as the `bonus` track on the Little Creatures CD. Also available on 12".
Track 02 comes from the European 12" "Road to Nowhere" (Not to be confused with the "Dance Mix" of Television Man that was on the US "And She Was" 12").
Track 03 is one of the funniest TH 12" versions, with the Robot voice. Taken from the original 12" "And She Was".
Track 04 can be found on the True Stories CD, as well as on 12".
Track 05 comes from the "Love for Sale" 12" (was never released on CD before)
Track 06 Mixed by Jerry Harrison. Taken from the "Radio Head" 12"/CDs
Track 07 Mixed by Full Force ("Get busy one time!"). Taken from the 12"/CDs "Radio Head"
Track 08 Taken from "Blind" 12" and CDsingle.
Track 09 Taken from "Flowers" 12", 10" and CDsingle.
Track 10 B-side of the "Flowers" single.
Track 11 Taken from the UK 12".
Track 12 Taken from the US 12" "Love for sale".

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