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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
1999 - Stop Making Sense: Special Edition PDF Print E-mail
Stop Making Sense Special edition
The official 1999 re-release of the classic Talking Heads movie and album "Stop Making Sense" took place during the San Francisco film festival on April 25.

All four former Talking Heads attended the re-release of the movie at Dolby labs. The restored and remastered movie played in a selected number of theaters in the USA during the summer/autumn of 1999, followed by a release on DVD. Since the (NTSC) video has been out of print for many years, the Japanese-only laserdisc is almost impossible to find and remaining copies on VHS sold for incredible high prices at on-line auctions, a lot of fans were looking forward to the re-release on both video and DVD.

The setlist for the movie remained the same; the bonus tracks on the original video ("special edition") are included on the 1999 video and DVD also.

Besides the movie, the band also release a re-mastered version of the album "Stop Making Sense". Once again mixed by Eric "E.T." Thorngren, the 1999 edition will feature all songs from the original movie. Mr. Thorngren managed to mix the 86 minutes film down to 74 minutes of audio.
  • Psycho Killer (4:24)
  • Heaven (3:41) *
  • Thanks you for Sending me an Angel (2:09) *
  • Found a Job (3:15) *
  • Slippery People (4:00)
  • Burning Down the House (4:06)
  • Life During Wartime (5:51)
  • Making Flippy Floppy (4:40) *
  • Swamp (4:30)
  • What a Day That Was (6:00)
  • This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) (4:57) *
  • Once in a Lifetime (5:25)
  • Genius of Love (Tom Tom Club) (4:30) *
  • Girlfriend is Better (5:06)
  • Take me to the River (5:32)
  • Crosseyed and Painless (6:11) *
*) Previsouly unreleased
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