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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
2007 - The Collection PDF Print E-mail
To cash in once more on their part of the Talking Heads back catalogue, EMi released the compilation "the Collection" in their "Emi gold" collction in 2007.

The album contains a selection of recordings from the EMI years, 1984-1988 with tracks taken from the albums "Stop Making Sense", "Little Creatures", "True Stories" and "Naked". Strangely enough, the bands biggest hits from the EMI years ("Once in a Lifetime (live)", "Slippery People (live)", "Wild Wild Life" and "And she Was") are not included.

  • Psycho Killer (live)
  • Burning Down the House (live)
  • Girlfriend is Better (live)
  • The Lady Don't Mind
  • Television Man
  • Love for Sale
  • Radio Head
  • People Like Us
  • Blind (Vocal Mix)
  • Totally Nude
  • (Nothing but) Flowers
  • Mommy, Daddy, You and I
  • Road to Nowhere



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