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 Home is where I want to be
Home is where I want to be
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Monday, 16 June 2008 13:13
TITLE: Once in A Lifetime
YEAR: 1981
DIRECTOR: Toni Basil & David Byrne
TITLE: Crosseyed & Painless
YEAR: 1981
DIRECTOR: Toni Basil
TITLE: Burning Down the House
YEAR: 1982
DIRECTOR: David Byrne
TITLE: Swamp
YEAR: 1983
COMMENTS: Released in Asia/Australia only. Featured in the Channel 4 documentary `Once in A Lifetime` (aka `Talking Heads vs Television`)
TITLE: This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)
YEAR: 1983
DIRECTOR: David Byrne
TITLE: Slippery People 
YEAR: 1984
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Demme
COMMENTS: Taken from the concert film "Stop Making Sense". Used as music video for European single release.
TITLE: Road to Nowhere
YEAR: 1985
DIRECTOR: David Byrne & Stephen R. Johnson
COMMENTS: Also released as 'promo only' VHS video tape in custom picture sleeve includes rolling
credits at end, normally omitted.

TITLE: The Lady Don't Mind
YEAR: 1985
DIRECTOR: Jim Jarmusch
COMMENTS: Concept by Jerry Harrison & Tina Weymouth. Only still-camera shots were used.
TITLE: And She Was
YEAR: 1985
DIRECTOR: Jim Blashfield
TITLE: Stay up Late
YEAR: 1986
DIRECTOR: Ted Bafaloukos
COMMENTS: Concept by Chris Frantz
TITLE: Wild Wild Life
YEAR: 1986
DIRECTOR: David Byrne
COMMENTS: Slightly different to the version which appears in the film 'True Stories'. 
TITLE: Love for Sale
YEAR: 1986
DIRECTOR: David Byrne & Melvin Sokolsky
COMMENTS: Concept by David Byrne. A slightly different version appears in the movie 'True Stories'
TITLE: (Nothing but) Flowers
YEAR: 1988
DIRECTOR: David Byrne
TITLE: Blind
YEAR: 1988
DIRECTOR: Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel
COMMENTS: "Version 3 (no cpr - no 'vote')" refers to different versions of this video -some with and some without political messages.
TITLE: Sax and Violins
YEAR: 1991
DIRECTOR: Wim Wenders
COMMENT: Song taken from the soundtrack of the Wim Wenders films "Until the End of the World". Video is briefly featured in the movie.
TITLE: Lifetime Piling up
YEAR: 1992
COMMENTS: Compilation of previous Talking Heads video promos
TITLE: I Wish you Wouldn't Say That (Live)
YEAR: 1976
COMMENTS: Recorded at a very early Talking Heads gig at CBGBs
TITLE: Psycho Killer (Live) 
YEAR: 1978
COMMENTS: Live for Old Grey Whistle Test (UK, BBC TV)
TITLE: I Zimbra (Live)
YEAR: 1980
COMMENTS: Live on German Rockpop TV Show (more clips from this show on YouTube)
TITLE: Psycho Killer
YEAR: 1982
COMMENTS: Video-mash-up of Psycho Killer throughout the early years of Talking Heads. Taken from the Channel 4 documentary "Talking Heads vs Television".

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